Disregard the notion that you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Recent research unveils a surprising twist in the cybersecurity narrative – your younger, tech-savvy employees might pose the most significant security risk.

A comprehensive survey spanning 6,500 employees globally, representing diverse age groups, yielded disconcerting results. Younger office workers, those below 40, exhibit a tendency to neglect fundamental password safety guidelines. Can you fathom that 34% confessed to using their birth dates as passwords, a stark contrast to the 19% among those over 40?

But the issue goes beyond that.

Younger workers are also more inclined to employ the same password across various devices, with 38% acknowledging this practice. Moreover, when faced with phishing scams, an astonishing 23% of the younger cohort refrained from reporting the last phishing attempt they encountered, deeming it unimportant.

Yet, do they comprehend the gravity of cybersecurity threats to businesses? Not entirely.

While 23% recognised ransomware and 22% acknowledged phishing as critical threats, there exists a general apathy towards cybersecurity. The kicker lies in the revelation that a considerable number disclosed their organisations don’t mandate cybersecurity training.

From the US (30%) to the UK (17%), Netherlands (32%), Japan (35%), India (31%), Germany (22%), France (43%), Australia (29%), and China (65%) – the statistics speak volumes.

So, can we fault the younger workforce when businesses fall short in equipping them with essential cybersecurity skills? It’s time to cease treating cybersecurity as an afterthought and commence investing in routine cybersecurity training for everyone across our organisations. Yes, everyone – extending beyond the tech team or executives to encompass every employee.

Ultimately, it transcends safeguarding your business; it’s about crafting a more secure digital world for us all.

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